Exception Specification

Exception Specification

#include <exception>
class SysException { };
void f( ) throw (SysException)
    throw std::exception();
int main()

Calling f() should result in std::unexpected being called …


The Standard Library defines a function called std::unexpected() which is invoked when a function throws an exception not listed in its exception specification. std::unexpected invokes a user-defined function that was registered by std::set_unexpected. If the user hasn't registered such a function, unexpected() will invoke std::terminate(), which in turn calls abort() and terminates the program. (…)

Exception specifications are apparently evil: http://www.gotw.ca/publications/mill22.htm

See http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.c++.moderated/browse_thread/thread/653f69b07a9f7052

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